PHX AZ 1st ever Tour D' Coups


10 Years
Jun 21, 2009
Hi All,

Here in Phoenix AZ there is a group of us working to organize the first ever Tour D' Coups scheduled for the first Saturday this December (2009). I am asking for anyone interested to please email me.

We need both volunteers to help with the organizing effort prior to and during the event as well as finding great tour sites for people to visit. If you or someone you know has a great coup, please ask them to be a part of this event! Monies raised will go to support the Phoenix Permaculture Guild, a local 501c3 organization dedicated to inspiring sustainable living - including encouraging keeping microlivestock. You can contact me at or at the discussion page for this event.

I'm so excited to show how fun and easy it is to keep chickens in an urban environment. Thanks for your help.

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