*PIC INSIDE* Blue-Red Cubalaya pullet - 6 months

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    Jun 30, 2008

    Hope is a very sweet, shy, and beautiful little cubalaya. I would NOT be considering selling her (in any form or fashion!), if only for the fact that she is pretty small - smaller than my Spitzhauben. I'm worried she'll have a hard time getting along with a bunch of huge dual-purpose birds (namely a giant AM roo, australorp and delaware hens), and I honestly thought she would grow faster than this. But what can I say, she is my first game.

    She eats well, has an adorable face, and is the sweetest most shy little bird that you'll ever meet. This girl doesn't even take up for herself in the pen - just lets everyone else chase her and runs away. She is the lowest on the pecking order, with my dark brahma (weird, eh?). I have never, ever, met a game bird that is as sweet and non-bird aggressive as this girl. I have a hard time thinking of her as a game bird.

    She is just over 6 months old.

    I do admit that I am going to be very, very cautious as to who buys her and if I sell her. This is a PET and she is not going to be sold to, well you know. I would love to see her go in with bantams, or other cubalayas.
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    Nov 5, 2010
    cookeville, tn
    where in kentuky are you? I am in northern tn
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    She is really pretty!! I have one silver game hen. She flys the coop/pen daily and forages, then back in at bed time. Hope you find her a good home... I know folks here that I give my extras to. Her hubby loves the games because they are so good with their babies. He loves watching them run around the yard with babies in tow.
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    She is a pretty thing!!

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