Pic of my ridiculous mini-coop


8 Years
May 6, 2011
So this is a long story. Have 3 chicks that are way way smaller than my 3 month old pullets. I was afraid to mix them as the babies are still so small even at almost 8 weeks. (two of them are silkies and one a white leghorn, my older girls are orpingtons and barred rocks- BIG)

So I get it in my head that I'll just partition off the predator proofed run, slap together a temporary mini-coop that the chicks will just use until they are big enough to mix with my existing flock; all very temporary.

So my husband built a little coop for them to sleep in. He did the "bones" of it and I decided it'd be fun to dress it up a bit, add trim and paint and all. So this all started on Sunday. Between building a partition in the run and "dressing up" the mini-coop and caring for two young children, I finally finished last night.

Have you ever worked on something for days and days and wondered why you went to all that trouble afterwards? I think I need to relearn the word "temporary"! Guess I didn't think it would end up taking so long, turned out to be more time consuming that I thought it would be.

So here's my incredibly silly mini-coop that the chicks should surely grow out of in a month or so. It's about 20"w, 36"l and 24" high.

What a nice job - temperary doesn't mean that it can't be used again in the future. The way chicken math goes you know....
True. I think I'll use it in the future for a broody hen. I'll just need to make the door bigger, ha!
wow, it's really adorable and very well built!! Yeah, nothing about this is temporary! I'd keep it- you never know if you'll need it for a broody or an injured chicken! It might really come in handy!
When you have a broody hen you'll be very glad to have it ready to go! My flock free-ranges but I was so glad to have a 4x4 A-Frame coop with attached 6x4 run when a hen went broody unexpectedly a month ago. She and her 7 chicks are now in it, safe from cat, dogs, and the other hens, not to mention the hawk that flew overhead yesterday.
That's not ridiculous ... it's what I have in mind for my chicks that have outgrown their brooder but are still too little to be in the big house. Nice job!

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