Picked/Bloody Butts--BLUE KOTE?? WHAT ELSE??

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  1. I've heard of using Blue Kote on picked birds--but what else works? I have two HUGE Black Orps that were being picked on to the point that yesterday, they both had no tail feathers left and bloody butts. The feedstore was not open (actually, pretty much nothing is in our in our entire town on a SUNDAY! So I separated them & put them both into my one & only open area to heal up. Unfortunately, now they are picking at each other’s butts! I put some Cut-Heal on the wounds (it’s brownish-liquid for horses) which seemed to help a little bit, but it did not coat the wounds enough to hide the reddish blood. I called the feed store this morning & asked if they had Blue Kote. They do not. So what else can I possibly get there that would work? These chickens are the biggest in that coop and somehow, are the weakest. Luckily, they’re going to new homes at the end of this month, but on the other hand, I need them to be back into decent condition before they go! They were doing well this morning—I did put in some antibiotics in to their water and gave them some treats of leftover biscuits this morning along with their normal feed…so they are eating & drinking.
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  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that when I called the feedstore, I spoke with someone who had "no idea" what else I could use...that's why I'm posting here. [​IMG] I am planning on stopping by there on my lunch break to get whatever I need....
  3. Pine tar was recommended to me. I haven't tried it yet b/c I found some blue kote. However, the blue kote isn't really working, so I'm going to try the pine tar. You can find it at the feed store, it's sold as a hoof packing.
  4. Okay, I know they have that stuff, thanks!!!
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    When my chicks were little, maybe 10 weeks old or so, everyone decided to start picking on Lil'Bit's bum. They destroyed all her little tail feathers.
    I applied pine tar. Yuck! That stuff is nasty. Smells bad and worse than super glue about sticking to everything. I applied just a small amount about the size of a quarter. The others picked once, then ran around scraping their beaks on anything and everything trying to get the pine tar off. They left her alone after that.
    About 6 weeks later another chicken started in on Lil'Bit. Again with the pine tar. They haven't bothered her since.
    Note: The can of pine tar will probably say something about it not being for internal consumption. They don't eat it. They hate it!
  6. Cool, sounds like Pine tar it is! LOL
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    Where can you find pine tar? (other than under a pine tree) [​IMG]

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    You find it in the equine (horse) section at tractor supply stores, farmer's co-ops and the like. As BC said, it's labeled use if for packing hooves.
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    And if pine tar doesnt work, you can try hot pick made for birds. It has a rooster on the bottle.
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    Try Vic's Vapo rub..... Works really well! They will pick and get a taste of it and will then leave alone.
    I have young turkeys that would peck each others beaks while eating and get them bloody....
    I tried the Vics and they stopped it...

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