Picked on Pekin


6 Years
Jun 11, 2013
Oregon Coast
Has anyone had a problem with a rooster suddenly turning on one of your ducks? They have gotten along fine the past 3 months, but yesterday the rooster attacked the duck and nearly pecked one of its eyes out!
Is the duck a drake? If so he may have tried to breed the chicken hens causing the rooster to protect them. The rooster if just starting to mature may be expressing his dominance. Whatever the cause, I would recommend never putting them in the same pen. I once had a RIR rooster who skirmished frequently with my Muscovy drake. One day the drake had enough and killed the rooster. This drake was never safe around chickens after that. He would attack any and all chickens regardless of their gender.
No, the duck is female. We have two, a smaller kc and the larger pekin. The rooster is about 9 months old. He tries to mate with the kc, but usually leaves the pekin alone. They even seem to hang out together. We separated the rooster for now, just letting the rooster free range while the rest stay in the pen. The pekin didn't even try to fight back, can't run fast....she just sat there and took it til I squirted a hose on the roo!

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