picked up some 8-week NH roosters for the freezer today


7 Years
Jul 17, 2012
A local hatchery had some 8-week old New Hampshire roosters for sale for $3. Was it a good deal? I figure I'll give them another 2-3 months to fill out, then off to the freezer farm. I figure that at that price, I got to skip those first couple months of hassle and of starter feed.

Anyway, I guess I could always get reject roos from others in the area. This just seemed like a good deal.

The DW got a few hens of the same age at $6.50, so we got her a few more of those as well.



7 Years
Oct 23, 2012
Rutherfordton NC
Four bucks for those RIR's sounds like a great deal at that age! Good score!
Yeah our neighbor knew the guy and got some for the same price. So we called and he said we could get them for that price too! I hope he decides to get rid of more for that price! I'll snatch them up.

Also I will find out in the morning if any are laying yet. One went into a nest box only 15 minutes after we put her in the pen.

This isnt that great a pic.. but this is 4 of them

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