Picked up the girls today!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by fpscabs, Feb 13, 2009.

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    Jan 29, 2009
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    Well, what started with my wife 4 weeks ago saying, "I want two chickens." Turned into five today. We had increased the total from two when we found out that three was a better number. That somehow became four. Two weeks ago, we went to Wes's Pets and Feed in El Monte and put in an order for a Barred Rock, New Hampshire Red, Golden Laced Wyandotte and a Cuckoo Maran. Last week he was only able to get the BR, so we waited a week. I checked in with him on Wednesday and he said that he could not get the CM. I thought that the Golden Laced would have been a problem. I made an executive decision to opt for an Easter Egger. Today we waited until most of the kids were done with school, (oldest had a robotics deadline to deal with) and headed down to Wes's.

    He got the CM in with his order. Wife was set to only have four after conceding the number needed to be more than two. Now the dilemma. Go with the original order or change to the Araucana. I sort of blurted out that we will have plenty of room in my yet to be finished coop and run (12'x5').

    Our adventure goes forth with four 2 day old ladys. One added 8 day old Easter Egger. Wife says the fifth is my Valentine present...maybe so!
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    congrats on your new babies, and like somebody on here says, chickens are like potato chips -- you can't have just one! [​IMG]

    eta: and btw, WELCOME! [​IMG]
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    Awwww........welcome and congrats. Where are the pics of these little darlings!!!! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Welcome to BYC!! [​IMG]

    Yes, that is the way it begins!!!! [​IMG]

    BTW How big is the coop for these birds?? The recommendation here is that you provide 4 SQ feet of coop space and 10 SQ feet of run PER BIRD. Be sure that you build a little bigger, since you are SURELY going to want more chickens!!! [​IMG]

    Welcome and Good Luck!!

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    Soon the addiction will take over and you will have even more chooks!
  6. [​IMG]

    You will see that chickens tend to "multiply". They are like the change jar and when you finally count them all up you get a wonderful surprise !! Goof Luck and keep your chickies warm and toasty.

    Give them some sugar water and make sure the heat is at 95 degrees at the BOTTOM of the brooder you are using. Start searching on this site on how to raise your babies and learn, learn, learn.
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    Quote:what is the sugar water for? I thought it caused pasty butt?
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    I;ve been told the same about sugar water so i'm using viitamins and electrolytes. I't like gatorade for chickens. (Even looks like it when mixed) My new chicks are doing great on it. I will go to plain water after a couple of days.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    we'll be more than happy to enable your new addiction!
  10. Quote:Sugar water is good for the first few days after you get your chooks home. The vitamins and minerals/electrolytes should be used only in small amount at first. It is really important to give these guys a chance to build up the bacteria in their guts.

    There is a product out that is a gel that gives your new ones all they need and it is eaten in a few days by the chooks.

    Sugar water is just a nice boost and it is cheap and effective. Sure, you should not give it for more than a few days.

    Clean, fresh water is good after the initial bump. One should get all that is needed in the medicated starter.

    One question though, since you all are at it. If you have your chooks vaccinated for say Merak's disease some on here have said NOT to use the medicated starter as it negates the vaccine somehow. Any comments on this ? I am pretty confuse on this.

    I would think that the Amp in the starter would be tolerated and needed to keep that nasty Cocci away and still give the chooks time to get the gut bacteria going.

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