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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by camotruck, Mar 18, 2012.

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    May 22, 2010
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    About 2-3 months ago, I picked up a couple of 5 month old hens to add to my flock from a friend of mine. My flock was 3 RIR's (hens), one of the chickens is very similar looking to a RIR, not sure exactly what it is. The other hens picked on her a little at first, but then things settled down. The other chicken I added is an Americauna, my 3 RIR's picked on her from the start and it hasn't stopped. She spends most of the days perched on the top roost outside, even in the pouring rain sometimes. When she goes down to the ground, they jump all over her. I think eventually they might kill her. Either she hasn't figured out where to lay her eggs, or when it is time, she just cant get in the coup out of fear, because her eggs will be on the ground outside.

    Here is my plan. For one thing I don't really want to invest in adding a coup just for her. But, I thought of building a nesting box and mounting it on the roost where she spends most of her time. She could lay in there, get out of the rain, and maybe I could put a small feeder in there. None of the other chickens go up to that high roost, at least not often.

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    I went through the same thing. I brought home two older hens(rescued) , a white one and a red one. My chickens hate the red one and nearly mulled her to death ! but didnt care for my white hen ! I am confused ! But I did seperate them by putting the chicken wire as a divider. I guess my chickens were jealous of me bring a newbie home.
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    i was having the same problem with a pair off buff orpingtons i just got. my RIRs were just being awful. so i decided to be head chicken. anytime the RIRs went for them, i pecked the RIRs-just a swift finger poke. the RIRs learned in about 2 days that I was the one that dictated where they roosted. and I was the one that was head chicken. and I was the one that decided who was bottom of the pecking order. lol. it seems to have worked. both new girls are allowed in the coop, on the roost, and lay in the coop and are allowed to mingle with the flock. there's still some grumbling but its only been a week. one thing i make sure of is everyone is totally settled down before i turn off the coop light so theres no one left outside or roosting in the barn. good luck! the other thing i've heard and tried and it works too is to put the new ones behind a fence where the old ones can see them for a couple of weeks so they learn who they are before putting them together. but if you dont have the separate space its tough to do.

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