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    Mar 16, 2008
    I posted yesterday about my 1 outta 26 female Ameracaunas (1 mo. old) getting pecked bloody -- and thanks so much for everone's responses. The general consensus was overcrowding. The newly-constructed coop was finished just before sundown and everyone moved into new digs for the night -- except for Miss Pecked On. Today, everyone was happily flapping around, scratching, chirping, so I put MPO back in with flock. W/i an hour, a new spot was bloody. This is ridiculous! Why does she LET them do this to her? Will she always be the red-headed stepchild? These chicks had been the ideal first flock...till now. I totally don't understand how they can be bathtub buddies for 5 weeks and now want to cannibalize one another.....Dogs are easier but I can't get eggs from my dogs!!! Is this breed specific behavior? gender? do I need a roo? protein deficiency? or just plain mean chicks that belong in the stew pot?
  2. Do you know if one particular meany is the problem? Since you can't send her to a bully boot camp, you might have to put your poor victim in a smaller enclosure inside the larger coop for a while, then try again. I'm so sorry your little girl is getting pecked...oh and I don't know if you use red light versus white, but I have been told that some chicks react agressively to white...
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