Picking to death?

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    Hello, My three hens (adults, 1 and 2 years) were introduced to two more (3 months old at the time) back in June. They were constantly going through the pecking order and pecking each other but two of my three adults were picking the new hens' saddle areas raw and bloody. So naturally I had to remove them while they healed, but due to problems with work and such I have not had time to work with them so they have been living in the coop and range while the adults live in the yard in which the coop and range is kept. I put the hens in the coop at night and the younger stay in the enclosed range. So now its been a total of three months of being in a fenced area with my other girls where they can see each other but not access each other and they still get plucked clean if they are let out together. How can I make them get along? Will they ever get along? I have more than enough room per bird in the coop and run and adequate protein in their food. I really dont want to get rid of any birds and would actually like to eventually get more..


    Note: The older three hens are an American, Barred Plymouth and an Buff Orpington, the younger two are Americana and Buff as well.. the two bullies are my older americana and barred plymouth..
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    [​IMG] I would recommend using 'Pinless Peepers' on the adult birds until the birds are mingling without problems.

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