Picking up first ever meaty chicks tomorrow! All processed***PICS***


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Wish us luck. This is for the 4-H club and we are picking up 20 and raising 8 to enter into the fair. The rest we get to process. I have never done it before but read and watched TONS of tutorials on here and feel confident that it won't be a HUGE ordeal. If I can handle a small order this will give me the confidence to try a larger number and hopefully be self sufficient with the chickens. Now, if I could only talk myself into trying some of my rabbits.... LOL!

Okay - got all 20 picked up last night. They are all cute, fat and happy! They are all settled into the brooder now. Will have to get some pics soon. Have to take them anyway for the record book. Have them on purina flock raiser now, but will be getting game bird starter to add to it to up the protein to 24%. FR is only 20% so I need 4 parts 30% and 6 parts 20% and that should do it just fine. :) My only other choice is to go to TSC and get the Dumor chick starter that is 24% but it's not exactly close - about 20 miles away.

1/12 PICS!

1/19 update
Weighed some of the chicks last night. At 1 week old they are now weighing in at about 7 ozs each. It was rainy yesterday so didn't bring out the camera. Will get the 1 week pictures done today. A couple of days late as usual LOL!

1/23 update They are 2 weeks old
Weighing in at about 11-12 ounces each now. Should be moving out of the brower brooder and into the grow out coop with lots of shavings and room to run around hopefully this weekend. Still have to put the new tarp up and will be all set.
Here are some pictures from earlier in the week (about 1.5 weeks)

Maybe someone can help.... I am really torn about if I should put them in my covered run on wire (plenty of room and about 3 or 4 ft off the ground) or put tons of shavings down in my other run and out them on the ground....
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I think you'll do great! It's not that hard to learn, and there's always something to learn each time that makes the next session go even easier & faster. There are so many helpful folks here on BYC to encourage & support you the whole way through. If you lived closer I would be glad to come help you.
Start collecting good chicken recipes!
Okay - the top thread was getting a bit long winded.... The broilers are 3 weeks old now (as of Monday) and are just under 2 lbs each. We moved them out of the brooder and into the deep litter shavings area where they should be for the next 5 weeks or so. Still have 19 birds (lost 1 the first week) and are eating Dumor 24% and Purina Flock Raiser 20%

Your birdies look great! And delicious too! A few folks from my local poultry fanciers' club are splitting an order of meaties from Schlecht Hatcheries and we're planning a processing workshop in a few months when the chicks are mature.
I find that the cute wears off of them awfully fast. We got our chicks today and we're enjoying their looks while they last. I figure that our job is to make their brief stay on This Side of the Road as pleasant & comfortable as possible, providing the optimal conditions for their health, growth, and security.
WOO HOO The post office called last night At 7 pm and said they have some chicks for me , so I hoped in the car and drove 45 minutes to get them , I dont want my meat peepers sitting in the post office all weekend , and I got this it was too cold out tonight so I have them all set up in a closet under their lamp , Thease are meeties too

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