Pickle Recipes?


Mar 17, 2019
Southwest Virginia (mountains)
Hey yall,
I am canning my first batch of pickles for the season today and was wondering if there was a specific recipe you just love to use.

My pickles have just enough spice in them to make them awesome for the whole fam (toot my own horn) but i love to learn and try new things. I pulled 22 cucumbers from the garden yesterday with MANY MANY more to come so good or not, we can only eat so many of the same flavor.
Ooh, interesting thread, I’ll be looking for replies, this is my first year planting cucumbers, and they are doing so awesome! I want to do some pickling too, but I’ll only be able to do about 2-3 jars, I’ll probably ask my grandma for her recipe too! Anyway, I’ll be reading the replies! 🙂

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