Pickup only - Pure Coronation Sussex Rooster at the Point of Crowing!

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    Beautiful pure Coronation sussex now almost 5 months old and at the point of crowing! He's trying.....I have two extra roosters and don't need three extra rooster birds.

    Our full time farm does not ship birds/chicks. This bird is for auction for pickup only.

    The hen walked in front of him at the last moment but you can see his comb in this photo. I'll be posting more pictures.

    This bird is just at the point of crowing!!!! He is for breeding purposes. If you need new blood in your flock or if you want to get into raising Coronation Sussex he is right for you and this is an excellent buy. You could put him over light sussex hens and be well on your way to split coronation/light sussex flock and then to full Coronation sussex flock.

    Here's another picture:

    It was taken a few weeks back. He's getting larger very quickly!

    Lineage is Paul Bradshaw, http://greenfirefarms.com/store/coronation-sussex-day-old-chick/ and my birds are originally from Australia. This one is developing into quite a looker! If I had more girls, I would just keep him!

    It is pickup only.

    Please see our feedback in the new system and we have feedback in the old system as well here:

    His posture and coloring are spectacular.

    See our web site for more about our farm, life style and ethics
    http://thegarryfarm.webs.com/ More info on facebk as well under The Garry Farm

    Please ask any questions you like. For this auction, we accept Paypal, USPS Money orders to reserve your bird for pickup.

    Happy Bidding and Happy New Year. Farmer Nancy

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