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    One of my Delaware hens is really getting picked when she roosts. I went out tonight to observe. There is one hen (likely a Del/Rock cross) that is the most picky, but the hen that is getting picked at is also really picky. She kept grabbing my jacket and shaking it, and behaving in ways to incite the other hens to pick at her.

    I'm not sure what to do when she is driving the other hens to peck at her.

    Would this be related to molting somehow or I wondered if she might be mite-y? I could dust with DE tomorrow - maybe they need a sand bin to dust bathe in??

    I have Eprinex ordered, and assume it will kill any remaining mites?

    Any ideas for me?
  2. tazcat70

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    Could they need more roosting space? If they are crowded they will pick on each other.
  3. BeardedChick

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    I don't think so - they have a ton of space but tend to snuggle up in the evening. There is at least 12' of roost space for 12 chickens (including 2 bantams).

    I sprayed the ones getting picked with blue cote and that seems to be helping. Also fed some cat food in case it's itchies related to molting. Seems to have been a little better over the last couple of days.

    Thanks for reminding me I need to pick up a bag of sand and make an indoor dust bathing spot - maybe that with some DE will help with any itchies, too.

    It seems more like over-done mutual grooming rather than just mean old picking at each other.
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    Jul 19, 2007
    Maybe she's going broody?

    My EE bantam behaves just like your hen when she's going into a broody session.
    And the other hens LOVE to pick on her.

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