Picky Chickens


12 Years
Mar 24, 2011
Ocala, Florida.
Found some mixed frozen veggies on sale and gave some to my chickens this morning..they picked out all the carrots, corn and green beans and left the peas (still there 2 hrs later)
Funny! My girls are picky too.

What I find interesting, is that a few of the books I've read say that chickens don't have a good sense of taste. But the sure have a sense of something.
the only way my hens will eat mix veggies is cooked.and than i mix these in with their laying mash.i buy a 5lb bag at sams club.
and it will last about a month.my girls are spoiled to.
My chickens won't eat peas either.
They can be afraid of new things and might take awhile to take to new foods.
Years later and they still don't take to peas.

I know! It took them about 10 mins to get brave enough to even peck at the stuff
The roo was circling the bowl forever, pecked a carrot then ran away again.....oy! dangerous things those mixed veggies
I'm amazed how picky my girls still are at 16 weeks. They go absolutely berzerk for dandelions...but are only mildly interested in other greens and have zero interest in any other fruits or veggies. They'll eat sweet corn (only if we take it off the cob first!!) but walk away from strawberries, peaches, figs, carrots, zucchini, peas, etc. It's hard to believe other people's stories about how their chickens eat any and all scraps that are thrown to them.
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Okay, we all know I have weird chickens but...my chickens would have eaten the peas and corn and left the rest. With the exception of peas, which they love, they never have been fond of green veggies. I chalk that up to the fact that they free range all day and get all the greens they want.

Yesterday morning I gave them some leftover pot roast as a treat. They ate in this order: the meat first, then the peas, then the potatoes. They also ate about a half a cup of asparagus that I had dumped in with it. All that was left was the baby carrots.
Mine also free range and if I toss them anything green thay look at me like they are wondering were their treat is and when I don't give them anything else they walk away

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