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Mar 10, 2014
Smithfield Ohio
My hens it seems are very picky. Oh they eat their regular feed just fine but trying to find treats they like not so easy. They LOVE meal worms. That's the all time favorite hands down. Actually they want the super worms from pet supply(they look like mealworms on steroids! lol) They like watermelon after staring it down for a day. They were very wary at first. They also like mashed potatoes. They do not like earthworms, cabbage, peanuts or broccoli. Oh and they love cheese. What kinds of treats do your chickens love?

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Apr 23, 2014
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My Coop
Mine love rice, noodles, cheese, melon, berries, mealworms, carrots, all greens, beets, squash, oatmeal, eggs, herbal tea, chicken!, garlic, (which is actually VERY good for chickens) and a few others I can't name at the moment!:)


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Oct 26, 2012
Mine all have different favorites (I have 4 buff orps). Among favorites sweet corn, in the cold weather l heat canned corn, watermelon, uneaten cat food, "bread treat" feed by hand, seed treat with millet and ramen noodles without the seasoning, I tell them it is worm treat. But my girls don't eat much chicken feed which is free fed. They free range in about 3000 sq ft, sometimes I worry they don't get enough to eat but they are big, healthy and lay everyday so I guess they are ok, but I do worry I am not a good mom.
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