Pics aren't posting-very frustrated**

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  1. I've posted tons of pics on threads throughout the forum, so I know how to do it. What I'm wondering is I recently tried posting some pics on a thread, and when I previewed it, and when I submitted the post, the pics didn't show up. Instead it showed the gray square with the chicken in it that says "image not available". What am I doing wrong?

    ETA: I tried posting a personal pic, in the next post and it went on, no problem. The pics I tried posting were from the internet, but I've been posting lots from there with no problems.
    ****ETA, again*** Now, all the pics I have posted on this thread are showing this, with the exception of a few. What could be going on?!(its on the random pics thread under random ramblings)
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    That has happened to me too when the image is from the web. Maybe if the image is copyrighted it can't be used??
  3. I was wondering that too, because these pics are from the web. However, I've been posting tons from the web the past few weeks, and this is the first time this has happened.
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    Sometimes if I try to post directly from the internet, the picture won't show up -- the post will have a box with an x in the left corner and the URL of the picture. But if I take that picture, save it to my computer, and then upload it to BYC's uploads, it will show up fine.

    Are you saving the pictures to your computer first? I'm not sure there's another way to upload them here.

    I must admit this problem has me stumped. [​IMG]
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  5. Yeah, I save them to my computer. Then I upload them to "my uploads". It is how I always do it, and have never had a problem before. I just posted in another thread about a bird I found. I saved the pics on my computer, then uploaded the pics to "my uploads". They posted just fine. I don't get it. Also, what would cause the ones that were already posted, to now show the "image not available" pic instead of the pic that was there?
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