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    Aug 31, 2007
    I have a breeder pair of Lemon Blue modern Makers. It is a Lemon Blue cockerel and a Lemon Splash pullet. You will get 50% Lemon Blue offspring and 50% Lemon SPlash offspring out of these breeding. Im asking $50 for the pair. Here are some pics: [​IMG]


    Pair of fawn duckwing OEGB makers . A fawn dkw cock and a silver dkw hen. These are both SQ birds ecpacially the hen. You will get 50% Fawn DKW and 50% silver dkw offspring from these birds. I paid $80 for the pair i can let them go for $50. Here are some pics: [​IMG]

    1 pair of courtnix quail. i hatched these from eggs i got from a breeder in FL. They have all their toes and they are quit friendly. $15 for the pair.(i can throw one in for free but it got all its head feathers plucked out by turkey poults before i could seperate them and it has a crooked beak.)

    1 pet quality white silkie chick. I hatched it out of my showgirl pen and it only has 8 toes instead of 10 toes. you take it for $7

    I also have some hatching eggs for sale on my website. All eggs are in stock eccept for the OEGB eggs.

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