PICS...Candled eggs day 7...ARE THESE DUDS!?!? :( first time hatching


9 Years
Mar 15, 2010
Phx, AZ
I have a batch of 11 in the bator now, the 4 copper marans eggs i cant see through, the rest are a light brown and light green olive eggers...only one for sure looks good...these are a few of the questionables....can anyone help me?


They dont look to promising at this moment, but I normally candle at day 18 before lock down. The less you mess with them the better off your chances are. Just let them sit and before you lock them down candle them and remove the duds! You cant afford to have an egg explode and contaminate everything else. Check the air pocket when you candle them to see how your humidity is doing as well on day 18.
Your first egg has what is called a "blood ring"....that's where the embryo had started to develop, but for some unknown reason---it died. Second egg...can't really tell anything.

I candle on day 7, day 14, and then day 18 before they go into lockdown. I don't believe it harms the eggs; I candle them as they sit in the turner. Actually, I believe the few minutes of change in temp & humidity, while I candle them, may actually be good for them----think about how the hen gets off the nest for a few minutes each day....
Good call on the first egg, opened it today and dead very small embryo. It was very disturbing and gross and I wanted to see but didnt, wanted to see but didnt... I had a mental battle over it for a good 20 mins..dont care to see that agian. yuck.

It also looked like the membrane was stuck to the inside of the shell, I couldnt really pour it out, had to scrape it out with a stick...does this mean humidity is too high??

My hygrometer was in incubator but then I learned you can callibrate them with a bag of salt, so i did that and it was off my 10 degrees, so actually sitting about 50 for the first 3 or 4 days. Im a murderer!!
ok thank you, I couldnt figure out how to go back and ad photos for some reason but then got it figured out now I think. Ive been a stay at home mom away from the computer world for too long.

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