Pics/descriptions of fermenting setup for baby chicks?

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    I would love to hear more about people's setup for FF and baby chicks. I keep finding a lot of information about FF for older but I'm having trouble pieceig together what I should do for babies.

    I started with a bucket, started crumbles, and water. I intend to use the backslopping method. I had an oatmeal consistency by day four with that sweet ferment smell by the time the chicks arrived. The day old chicks loved this. I put more than they could eat and left it in there (first mistake?). I refreshed it daily. On day four they stopped eating it and preferred the crumbles. On day five I tested it by removing the dry crumbles during breakfast time. They turned their nose up at the food. Sure enough the bucket smelled like alcohol.

    1) do you leave it in the brooder?
    2) how many cups do you keep fermenting?
    3) do you add dry and water to the fermenting bucket every day?
    4) what else do you do for FF with chicks that may be different from how you feed your grown up laying flock?

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    I ferment chick starter in a one liter juice pitcher, adding a bit of dry feed and water to it every other day or so as I use it.

    This process depends on oxygen so it's important to either leave the top open or leave the lid to only partially cover the container. Stirring at least twice a day is also important to keep the mixture oxygenated so anaerobic conditions don't invite the wrong kind of bacteria.

    I feed at oatmeal consistency in tiny two-inch diameter cups glued to a piece of wood so they aren't tipped over. If you fill them several times a day, it keeps the food fresh and chicks are more likely to find it to their liking.

    At first, chicks will eat very little of the FF. I find that sprinkling dry crumbles over the floor of the brooder gets the chicks started eating quicker, and soon they discover the FF and will prefer it after the first few days.
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