pics for BamaChicken!!!(updated pics pg 3) 14 babies total!!!!

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    here is some pics for julie, i have in RIR single/ rosecomb eggs, silkies and blue/black/splash and mottled orps from her in the hatcher hatching today. got lots of pips, i'm so excited!!

    so far to hatch is 2 single comb rir and 1 rosecomb rir, here is my new gorgous babies had to share with everyone!! they r so chubby lol, i love it!! these r my first standards to hatch since last year i forgot how sweet and cute they r i'm so used to bantams now. these r my first rir to ever hatch and just gorgous little ones!! will update pics after some more hatch. yep it's been a fast 3 weeks,lol. [​IMG]

    thanks julie!!!

    the rosecomb is the one on the right.

    here is another pic one of the rir single combs look how sweet they r!!
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  2. Ooooohhhh!!!!! Our babies are related!!! I have a dozen of Julie's RIRs in my incubator right now, they went in on Thursday at 6am! Mine weren't marked RC or SC so it'll be a toss-up determining who is who. Do they look any different to you? Is there any way to know which is which?

    I'm so excited to see yours, MORE PICS!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    mine were marked rir only. she has a pair in there that r rosecomb so i knew there was a chance and i was sure hopeing!!! but she hadn't been hatching out the rose ones. 6 out of 6 eggs were all fertile!!!! actually rosecomb is very rare and i about died when i saw it, gosh is it adorable!!

    yes the single comb the comb looks like a row of little spikes like a normal looking comb and the rosecomb is flat and wider with little teeny just barly noticeable bumps.

    i have 6 more rir and orps hatching now i'm so excited!!! i will definately take more pics! see if i can get a good shot of the comb difference. u should know soon as hatched if there is any.
    will keep ya updated!!
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    more babies!!! will edit and add pics soon as uploaded to photobucket. next one to hatch was a splash orp and the next one is a single comb rir. there is silkies starting to pip now, yeah!! there is another orp egg pipped and 2 more rir's pipped and not sure how many silkies!!

    they r very healthy and strong chicks and so chubby looking i love it, just gorgous babies!! i think i'm more excited than the kid's,lol. [​IMG]
  5. OMG, THAT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    YOU CAN TELL RIGHT AWAY?!?!?! YAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Oh, yes, PLEASE post any pics you can so I know what to look for!! OMG, THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Now I'm totally excited and I still have weeks to go!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    yes u can tell but i can't pic it up on the cam other than it looks like a wider pink comb. it is almost totally flat the others all stick up in a row. all 6 rir eggs hatched woot!!! 1 of 6 is a rosecomb, that is just awesome!!! i'll take pics 4 u as it grows mabe in a few days it will show better in a pic.

    talk about fertile 100% hatch on them rir babies shipped, julie ur breeders r very fertile!! outstanding job!!! [​IMG]

    alright so now that more have hatched that makes 6 rir total and a splash orp and a blue orp. i can't wait to see what else hatches!!! [​IMG] come on little babies!

    i have lots of pics but to long with dial up to add to photobucket one at a time even so will add them to my site and update over the next few days. there i can upload 5 at a time and not near as long.


    last baby is still in the hatcher.
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    I love those pretty chicks. I am so glad you hatched rosecomb. I had very sad news this morning. When my husband went to the pen I had moved my RC and hen to He was dead a doornail. Made me sick. He has been as healthy as a horse. No signs of disease, I know he wasn'st wormy. His feathers were so shiny and brillant looking and his legs awesome. He must have had a heart attack or something. He was fine yesterday and crowing up a storm, trying to fight with the roos next to him. The good news is one of my good friends has his offspring and he is almost five months old as I hatched him in Oct. and she doesn't want to keep the Cockerals. I am going to get him I think unless I decide not to keep RIR's and just concentrate on Orps and silkies. Hard decision. His name was Kyle and he was a fine Roo.
  8. That's AWESOME, CONGRATS!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Quote:Oh no, I'm so sorry!
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    You are going to need a lot more brooders at this rate!!!
    Congrats!!! [​IMG]

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