Pics from my first FART egg

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    I had to share my most recent discovery....

    I adopted 2 adult barred rock hens about 3 weeks ago. The previous owner said they were both about 2 years old. I doubted that information after just a few days of watching them. One hen, we call her Miss White, appears to be much older than 2 years. She has a hard time jumping up onto the roost at night as if she has arthritis, wattles when she walks like her feet are misshapen, and never laid an egg.... until yesterday. This is what I found!

    FYI: Miss White's buddy Miss Black has laid about one egg per day after she settled down from the move. Her eggs are a light brown.

    Large and little whitish-brown egg compared

    Miss White's and Miss Black's eggs compared

    Miss Black's large egg cracked... I was hoping for a double yolk

    Miss Black's fart egg cracked.... air sack and whites only

    My 3 year old daughters attempt to crack Miss Black's egg...oops![​IMG]

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    Cute! [​IMG]

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