Pics from our garden in May - Eye Candy!

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  1. wingnut1

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    Hello! I felt like showing off my chickens, and posted pics of them in the chick pic topic. I thought - why stop there? Here are some pics from my flower gardens! This is the 4th Spring for this garden. Mississippi weather, irrigation from the lake, and chicken manure seems to be working just fine! [​IMG] Thanks for looking!

    Salvia in the butterfly garden
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    Jan 30, 2007
  3. lotzahenz

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    Aug 28, 2008
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    OH WOW!

    Those are beautiful pics. What kind of Salvia is that red one? And I LOVE the red Lilly. Your yard is just perfect.

    I'm off to see your chicken yard. L.H.
  4. mrsengeseth

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    seething with jealousy here. It's just gorgeous. You certainly have a green thumb.
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    Wonderful! You live in my dream place... How come you are there and not me?? LOL [​IMG]
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    Thank you to each of you for your sweet comments!!!

    Gardens and animals... they really make me happy! And so does my DH!!!! *LOL* (He tells everyone he is my garden slave! [​IMG] And I say *yes* and my exclusive killer of spiders that enter the house!!!)

    I am very fortunate - my DH and I live 2 miles from where we work, and we live on a lake in the county so we can have CHICKENZZZZZ!

    Thanks for letting me show off a little bit...
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  7. wingnut1

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    It is a salvie gregii -- I think it is lipstick -

    I have another one called hotlips that is white on the top of the flower and red on the bottom --- each flower ends up looking like a floating pair of ruby red lips!!! [​IMG]

    I found a new one that has a wonderful color and seems to bloom like crazy as well! "California Sunset"

    Plant delights has a nice selection - and so does high country gardens - your local nursery should have salvia gregii too! [​IMG]

    It is soooo hot and humid where I am -- and the salvias are continual bloomers for me!

    The red lily is one of the longiflorum asiatic (spelling?) or LA lillys -

    I have a white one that is more mature - I'll post a pic of that in a second - just an amazing lily!
  8. wingnut1

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    lotzahenz - here is a link for the red lily - the pic on the link doesn't show the same color - but that is it! They are really nice lilies..

    Here is the picture of the other LA lily I promised! I should have divided it last fall and it is too crowded -- lilly abuse!!!!

  9. Year of the Rooster

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    Absolutely stunning! [​IMG]
  10. Robin'sBrood

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    May 8, 2008
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    Well, it looks like your yard is all out of space for new flowering plants, so how about if you just come on over here to my yard and get busy with it! Oh, and there are a couple of houses for sale near me, and since you'll have no problem selling your gorgeous yard, I mean house, you can move here and keep my yard up too. [​IMG]

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