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Mar 7, 2009
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Sorry, I know this is the intro section, but I can't find any other more seemingly appropriate place to ask this.

I want to have a picture in my signature. I uploaded to the site and pasted the img code into the siggy box. The picture doesn't show, just the img code.

Am I missing something? Should I resize my pictures or something?

Sorry for the OT post. I really want to show off my new babies!
First of all,

Second, you can make it your avatar picture. In the signature line, only the code shows. You might have to resize the picture to use it as an avatar but that is the easiest. if you do that your picture will show up in the left hand side under your name like my 2 frizzles do under my name. Good luck!
Hello and

I have asked just this question to the administrator.
I was told that one can not use IMG files in the signature.
This was abused in the past and it slows the server down
too much. So no pics in the signatures except the smiley pics
that are provided on the site.

Your file confirms this is still the case.

ETA: just saw your recent post. If the pic you are trying to upload is larger that 15Kb, you will not be able to upload it no matter what size it is.

This is stated when you try to upload for your avatar.
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