*pics* Momma Silkie and her first ever baby! I am so proud!


10 Years
Jul 29, 2009
N.San Diego County
I just got home to this sight!! I had 2 of my eight month old silkie pullets' eggs in the incubator for a while-- honestly I was just checking for fertility but then I didn't have the heart to throw them out. I kept candling them and could see that they were doing well and growing. I had FORGOTTEN like a big idiot what day I put them in the incy though. So when Momma went broody, I popped them under her and 4 days later I made a pretty good guess because just look at the little darlin'! It is a thrill to see her with her baby for the first time and one more is under her pipping!!!! Can you tell I'm thrilled?!! The black silkie roo is the proud poppa, exactly 5 months old. He is the sweetest dad, even cuddled up with his wife to lend her moral support. (Oh, and he needs a new home if you are nearby!)
So cute... congratulations!

I have a broody BO hatching eggs right now, started yesterday, we have 7 baby chickies now and 4 more eggs to go, they havent pipped so I dont know if they are going to make it? I'm giving them a couple more days.
And now the other has hatched!!!!!!!!I think it will be a splash like mommy!! I think the first hatched is a blue??? Now the other 2 under her are not due for 2 weeks, I'll have to put them in the bator --really great planning on my part I know *eye roll*

Hee hee no she doesn't know our plans! How evil of us I know. He is a beautiful black even with some iridescent green in the right light, the camera does not like to take pics of black animals.

Thanks for your nice comments!!
Beautiful! The babies, the momma, the papa!

Silkies are totally addictive. I have two white roos, a white hen, and a black hen. They're only four months old, but I can hardly wait till they have babies! Going to be soooo cute!

Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I wish I was close enough to snag that gorgeous sweet boy!

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