PICS NOW.. So Frustrated.. ** Package finally got here, all alive.**

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  1. Ok, Im on nerves waiting for a package. Not eggs, but these can die too. Im waiting on an order of fish.. This is my very first order of buying fish online. The part I am most annoyed with is.... Get this. It took only one day. From the 14th to the 15th to get from the east coast to the west coast. That was some fast traveling.. But now to the slow part. After arriving in Portland, OR. it took the package a whole day to get to Eugene, OR. Which is less than 2 hours away from each other.. And now the package is 4 1/2 hours away from me. Is it going to take another day to get here after it gets another 2 hours down the road.. Grrr. The poor fish have been in a box for almost 3 whole days. They were packaged up and shipped at 9am on August 14, it is almost August 17. I sure hope they arrive alive. But I am now having my doubts. I will be at a lose. I cant buy those fish locally.. Nope not at all. These were first generation born in the USA. The parents were direct imports from Germany. I guess if the parents could make it all the way to the east coast of the US then the young should be able to get here with out dying. Im sure hoping so.

    Ok.. Dont ranting now.
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    We live in the sticks. My sil buys salt water fish through the mail all the time. I don't think he has lost any. Best wishes on your guys.

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    Plese let us know how you make out. [​IMG]
  4. Officially the fish have now been in a box in the mail for 3 whole days. Tracking still says they are in Eugene, OR. About 4 1/2-5 hours from me depending on which way they go.. Im guessing down the freeway then cut over to the coast from medford.. I sure hope they get here today before the post office closes at 4:30pm.

    These are babies that are 2 inches or less. Of a fish that gets about 4-5 inches.. At least I know they are in Breather Bags so they wont run out of air. And the box is lined in stryrofoam, to help regulate heat and cold. Also included in the bag is some thing to help regulate the ammonia and waste that the fish put out. Sure hope they get here ok. Im so on nerves right now. My DH thinks Im going to get a box of dead fish. I sure hope he put a small piece of food in there for them. I know fish can go awhile with out food. But they are young, so I dont know how they will do with no food.

    I feel so... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Well the package actually got here. I cant believe that it took a whole day to go 2 hours distance. And only one day to go about 4 hours distance. It puzzles me.

    Well all 7 fish made it here alive. One seems a bit slower. But alive. Not Im getting them used to our water here, slowly so I dont shock them.
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    We are going to need pictures, please.
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    Quote:That would not be a good idea to put food in with the fish and then ship them. If it wasn't all eaten it would rot. And even if it was all eaten then the fish would be putting out more ammonia. I am glad they got to you all safe. I have shipped fish before, and gotten them shipped to me. It can be nerve racking worrying about them. What kind of fish are they?
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    *Phew* I dont think I have it in me to get anything alive shipped to me. I would be a total wreck! I've always wondered how they ship fish, interesting.
  10. Yaay! So glad the fish are delivered and *mostly* doing well.
    I hope they all grow and thrive for you!
    (who is still amazed usps can handle something as fragile as an egg and it arrives in hatchable condition)

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