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    Jan 27, 2014
    near Tyler, TX
    A few pics of our dogs for the dog lovers out there.

    This is Cocoa, a Terrier of unknown breed. She was abandoned on the side of the road, and rescued by the owner of the local feed store (non-corporate, family owned) that we frequent, where they were being offered free to a good home. Well, my roomie has a big heart and this Terrier and the one below came home. Cocoa belongs to my son. She's a good dog, and pretty affectionate. She has been in heat twice, so this is as big as I think she'll get.

    This is Sammy, a "tweenie" Dachshund, wild boar in color. He is fixed, and weighs a whopping 17 pounds. I say whopping because while 17 pounds isn't much normally, it is a veritable ton when he lays on my bladder at 0430. Sammy is a horrible dog, but a decent Dachsie. Sammy gives kisses. He is our resident sex-offender, he will lick, lick, lick, until you just can't breathe. He is the only dog to find a way to lick the back of your face.

    Tanner, another fixed tweenie Dachshund, cream color, although he has grown to be a dark tan. Also a heavyweight tweenie at 16 pounds. Tanner is my Rainman. He is about as smart as a hammer, but his nose, oh, that nose. This dog can smell a fart cut loose by someone in a car, who drove by, 2 weeks ago, 3 blocks away, during a tornado. He is also our resident mouser. Cats could learn a thing or two from ol' Tanner. We moved into our old fixer-upper a year and a half ago, and Tanner has 32 field mice to his credit, and those are the ones we know about.

    This is Buttercup, my daughters dog. The other rescued Terrier of unknown breed. She's about as big as a Hamburger Helper box, and is in heat now, which leads me to think she's not getting any bigger either. She is a dainty little sweetheart, if only she'd quit barking at rabbits, geese, ducks, and chickens. She doesn't bark at strangers, go figure.
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    Cute dogs! I love the little terrier!

    I love daschunds, but their long backs would make me such a nervous owner! LOL
  3. chesterthegreat

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    Feb 20, 2014
    You have some adorable pups! I love the little black terrier mix, I'm a sucker for terriers[​IMG]

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