Pics of 2 bad eggs of 5 total eggs candled day 10


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Feb 3, 2008
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Clear Egg with Pores


Egg with Blood Ring and Blood Spot

DH went with me tonight to the coop to give me a 2nd opinion on Penny's 5 eggs. We are in agreement about these two, so I removed them from the nest. I'm not 100% certain about the other 3 because I still don't see bloodvessels, but it may be a little late for those now. I will try to get pictures outside tomorrow night, but I'm not certain my camera will take them in the dark. I barely managed to get pictures of the bad eggs in the house! Sure would be nice to have an experienced opinion! We studied all the pictures of good egg/bad egg we could find before going out there tonight. It made me feel better that DH thought the other 3 were fertile based on a pic of a 14 day incubated developing egg. All we actually see is the air sac and darkness. I'm afraid I see evidence of a blood ring in one of the other 3, but DH disagrees, so I left that one under her. This is getting more exciting as each day passes!
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She laid the other three on March 4, 7, 9. Those two bad ones were laid March 5 and 11. March 2nd egg wouldn't even fit under her with the others.
I kept them inside and turned them until she went broody 10 days ago. Then I switched the golf balls I had under her with her eggs and moved her nest at night into a separate broody pen with food and water and plenty of room to poo out of the nest. She's a great little broody hen.
I've read that before a bad egg explodes it will weep. Is that correct? If I check every day for dampness or leakage, do you think I will be able to remove a bad egg before it explodes? I would not want to get that bacteria on a possible good egg.
I've read that before a bad egg explodes it will weep. Is that correct?

Never had it happen, but it can. You will be able to spot most of the duds by day 10 (unless the eggs are very dark), and removing them as a precaution will reduce the chances of accidents from small to miniscule.​
As the chick dvelops, you see less and less because the body starts to fill the egg and candeling is useless.

If there was normal vien development, then the egg began to get darker it could well be normal. Do the others appear similar?
They all three look similar, but one has a darker dividing line between the air sac and the darkness. It's the one that bothers me most. I did NOT see blood vessels on day 7, but I was alone and it was the very first time I ever candled. I had looked at as many internet pics of good egg/bad egg as I could find, and I really wish I had candled on day four! The egg pics I found of good eggs candled on day 14 look very much like what I see today at day 10. I have yet to even identify movement. Even the blood ring egg and the clear egg didn't smell tonight. I'm going to continue to check each night to make sure nothing is seeping or smelling. A lady at my church that used to be a teacher said they used a stethoscope on the eggs to hear the heartbeat. I wonder what day that would be present and if I can borrow a stethoscope from my vet.
Personally if you 've got them under a broody I'd leave her and the eggs alone. Most hens will eventually push the bad eggs out. They're programed for incubating eggs....we aren't, and in my experiance, the more you mess with her the more likely she is to quit setting.
I've never candled eggs under a Broody hen...they know which ones are good or bad....I would be afraid she would get up and leave the nest too like Katy says...

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