Pics of Blue Swedish, please?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by ChickenPotPie, Mar 27, 2009.

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    Jan 23, 2009
    My kids "inherited" the poultry at the 4H farm. There was a crested pair of ducks there. A blue/silver drake and a chocolate duck. After hatching a few (we got black and silver) of their eggs, buying a trio of Blue Swedish from an FFA girl, and doing a little bit of reading, I realize the pair we started with are Blue Swedish, too (just not blue). So, all our ducks are Swedes.

    So..... now I'm wondering what does a really good Blue Swedish look like? I really want to know because my kids would love to show any quality birds they have (people seem to like to give them poultry - sometimes they are really nice show birds). Our crested Swedes have large bibs and and our new Swedes have smaller bibs and much cleaner markings. The drake has clean, white on his wings. I haven't counted how many of those feathers are white. at least one on each wing.

    I REALLY, REALLY want to see PICS of show quality Swedes. Anyone have any or know where I can find some? [​IMG]
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    I have some, but not sure if they are 'quality' or not. My oldest duck is a blue swede and looks like a blue Splash. Her daughter is way more blue and less white splash marks, just a white bib. The males are all black Swedish and don't have white wing feathers...just white bibs. I haven't heard of chocolate colored Swedish. Maybe though....
    [​IMG] That was taken over a year ago
    I can see that I need to get out there and take new up close pics of them. Most of what I have is old or not up close...

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