Pics of Buff Brahma-Easter Egger cross? Genetics?


8 Years
Jun 15, 2011
Portland, OR
A friend and I are going to try to hatch some eggs under her broody from my Buff Brahma cockeral and Ester Egger pullet (I'd like something from him before I eventually have to give him away, and would also like an olive egger).

Does anyone have any pics of Buff (or any) Brahma crosses with Easter Eggers? Picks of the parents as well as the kids would be well appreciated!

Genetics experts - what would the offspring look like? Pea comb obviously, feathered legs are dominant? The EE is a white background with lots of red - red lacing, red barring and solid red with slate green legs. Egg is light blue-green, so if we have any luck, maybe we'll get a chick that lays light olive eggs - is that possible? Or do I need a dark egg layer for olive eggs? I do have a younger Blue CM cockeral that should be ready for the job in another month.

Keep in mind, genetics are extremely random. For example, a pea comb is dominant, and single comb recessive, so there is a chance if two single comb alleles match up say ss you could get a single comb bird, but if it pairs with the pea either Ps sP PP it will be a pea comb. Same for feathered legs, etc., color is more varied, I have only started crossing experiments and touched on that - for example I crossed a gold and white bird, one is white and gold almost barred. Your cross should be interesting!

I'm no expert though! So best of luck to you.

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