Pics of Em ..the green iggy ..and my stitches (knife accident)

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11 Years
Jun 8, 2008
SF Bay Area

S/he will be named, Emmett or Esmerelda for a "formal" name ..and I call him Em for short. I'm hoping for a boy, anyway.

He's settling in still ..been a couple weeks or so since the rescue.. and I've just let him eat some good foods and enjoy his proper lights and heat. Haven't handled him much before today ..and I got a little bit of threat and tail whipping, but we're working on it

He's shed and his sores and icky spots are looking sooo much better. Hoping for the best!

My stitches come out on Thursday.. yey!


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12 Years
Aug 5, 2007
Southwest Georgia
I was sure when I seen the stiches that the lizard had bit you....... I am so glad that is not the case. He/she is beautiful!!

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