Pics of my BYC University zippered hoodie...would LOVE to see yours!

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    Hi Folks!

    I received (very quickly) my BYC University clothing orders and I had hubby take some pictures of me wearing one of the items. I went a little “overboard” and got myself two zippered hoodies and two long sleeve T-shirts. I also bought hubby a zippered hoodie and a pullover hoodie for Christmas. When he saw my items, he really liked them a lot! Here are some pictures of my red hoodie, which I think is my favorite, although I love everything!

    I’m holding my sweet hen “Olive”, who lays green eggs, hence the name “Olive“. I don’t know if she would be considered an “Easter Egger”, but I think so. There is another picture of her at the bottom of the post.

    I would love to see pictures of other members wearing their BYC University clothing! [​IMG]



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