Pics of my chickens, and my little roosters ALL grown up!!!

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    So I got pics today of the flock and I let Hercules's son Nic, aka Nicodromus- a son of the Greek Hercules
    nick (Nicodromus- a son of Hercules) rooster
    As an ackward teen-
    As a baby- the little black one in the back with the white spot on his head
    Mom- Tammy Wyandotte
    Dad- Hercules- He was re-homed to a very nice lady who had one that had passed on from an accident

    And of my OEGB roo, and his hens.
    Watson- (get it, an English Game (is afoot) bantam)
    Buffy and Maggie
    You might remember when maggs was molting
    Lyn, Yul and Muffy
    Jane Austin, Emily Bronte (named for female english authors)
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    You have a flock with a lot of variety! Pretty birds.
  3. Hillary and friend's eggs

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    Feb 9, 2010
    Beautiful birds! I especially like the buff laced polish you have![​IMG] Never seen an actual one before, not even in a picture..
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    Quote:x2 - Love flocks with something different. [​IMG]

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