Pics of my coop, tractor, chicken area, and of course, hens.

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    Captions on top of respective photos. Enjoy! -Dave

    The "Bawk-Bawk Bordello". A two level egg laying suite.

    The other side of the Bordello, where I gets them eggs.

    The Bordello is made entirely of salvaged materials.

    The Bordello nesting area. They gave me their first two eggs here!

    The chicken tractor. Made from recycled and salvage lumber. The only thing new was the chicken wire.

    The tractor works kind of like a wheelbarrow where there is one wheel installed at the forward end, and handles to lift at the other side. This way, I can move the chickens around the yard and let them eat on different patches.

    Another view.

    Top access with a recycled window. This will also provide some cover from the elements. And access door for the hens at the bottom.

    One of the black sex link hens.

    The other black sex link.

    The younger and smaller barred rock hen.

    Another view.

    Doing their thing!

    The larger coop. There's a trap door on a pulley system so I can open and close the door from outside of the fenced/netted chicken yard.

    A view of the coop from the top. There are 3 nesting boxes in the larger coop.

    The bottom two panels have hinges and open for access to the inside of the coop. The topmost panel is glass. This is cool because I can see the chickens in the coop.

    A view from inside the chicken yard. There is chicken wire from 4' up, and then black plastic netting above that and it even makes a 2' ceiling in some parts.
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    welcome to the site [​IMG] nice idea on reuseable material. [​IMG]
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    Welcome! Good job!!!! [​IMG]
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    My Coop
    [​IMG] Great job. [​IMG]
  5. Welcome to BYC! [​IMG] Very clever in your use of recycle items, I'm gonna copy the door ideal from ya [​IMG]
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    nice job,beautiful chickens.
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    Great job and very creative. Welcome to BYC!!!
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    how cool
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    Nice coops, great job recycling

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