Pics of my Hambar Roooooo


9 Years
Feb 9, 2011
Hambars are autosexing just like the more known Legbars or Rhodebars... Yes I recreated them by using the same methods that created the Cambar, Legbar, and Rhodebar that are better known. Hambars are created by using a barred female, (barred rocks, barred marans ect..) to a New Hampshire Red male... then using the F1 male from that cross back to New Hampshire Red females...searching the web for autosexing will give you a couple places that outline the breeding... With this male I culled over 70 chicks to get him... I have females too so this is a true breeding breed and not a hybrid....

Have a great one...
this is a pic of one of my females... the females only carry one set of genes for the barring so it is not as pronounced as in the males that carry two genes for it

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