PICS of my new babies


12 Years
Nov 20, 2007
Glendale, AZ
total of 9 buttons and 5 coturnix

4 whites - 2 silvers - 2 have no clues - 1 black ??


here is the black ?? baby


have 6 more button eggs due to hatch today or tomorrow !!

all these buttons are from my own little flock plus I have 3-4 hens taking turns sitting on a clutch of 4 more eggs LOL
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They're adorable! Did you hatch them? I have 14 Coturnix eggs that I put in the 'bator yesterday and am hoping they're as easy to hatch as everyone says...
yea these babies were hatched here at the house -- I have the parent flock to the buttons so I am never without a fresh supply of button eggs LOL

( really need to start selling some eggs LOL )

the coturnix are from a flock of birds I hatched here at home and donated to the zoo - I was able to collect 6 eggs and bring them home 5 of the 6 hatched with one being a quitter

I have a small flock of coturnix here 1 male 3 females I slipped an egg from them in the bator at same time but it turned out to be a quitter

but I will try again with eggs from my own coturnix

the coturnix are super easy to hatch !! they pip - zip - and hatch so FAST !! and always hatch at least 2 at a time -- i LOVE LOVE hatching buttons and coturnix never a dull moment in the bator with them LOL
that black button is a blue face

and i see you have a gorgeous dark tibetan with some white on the throat and eyebrows I call those mismarked tuxedos (because they carry the A & M gene).
I can't see the strip color if it is yellow they are golden pearl is it is reddish they are wild. Niki is right the black one is a blue face. If they are yellow with dark strips they are red breasted.
I will have to get picks of the buttons and the corts seperated so I know what colors are which lol

I had 3 more buttons hatch today while I was out - that leaves 3 more eggs and this hatch is over !!

until the next one LOL

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