pics of my new duck coop my husband built for me - holds 3 ducks


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9 Years
Feb 1, 2010
Just wanted to share our new duck coop for our three awesome runner ducks! My husband designed and built this himself - it took about 6 weeks. It was so difficult that the 'ducks' decided to buy him a Traeger smoker grill as a thank you!

Anyway, the ducks love it - they run around the yard when we're outside, stay in the fenced part when we're gone, and they even put themselves to bed in the secure part when the sun goes down! It's so cute. I have to close the door and lock them in still, but at least I'm not wrestling them into it every night. The sun goes down, and they all toddle up the ramp and go to sleep. We even have a kiddie pool that fits in there so they can float around most of the day if they want.



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