pics of my new hatches!!

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    these were not due to hatch till today but hatched 14 babies a day early still got lots of eggs and pips in yet. wanted to share some of my newest additions. the bantam brahmas r my grandma's babies from her birds, she needed a fertility check. wont she be excited when i tell her 19 of 20 eggs candled fertile and she has babies already. can't wait to see how many hatch for her!! the polish, buff silkies and white showgirls r from my girls. sorry the pics r not the greatest since i had to use my cell in the brooder. can't wait to see what else hatches!!!!

    first w/c black polish baby from my bantam polish, i'm so excited!!

    group shot

    white showgirl with bowtie

    another white showgirl but w/ no bowtie

    another group shot

    the bowtied showgirl again

    bearded buff silkie and showgirl again

    and the polish baby again
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    Sep 24, 2008
    Very Cute babies....ya gotta love the showgirls I got 5 out of my last hatch....
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    Beautiful babies!

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