Pic's of my Pigeons what kind are they?

Pigeon Power

6 Years
Mar 28, 2013
Black and white skinny long neck Magpie
Last pic white gray/black wing German owl ( looks like you might have two of these one with a black wing too)
all black with white head mookie
brown and white large neck ruffle thing Jacobin
white with black splash and black bar on wing roller? (can't really tell from pic)


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7 Years
Sep 27, 2012
They are beautiful birds, stunning!

Mary Of Exeter

10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
Rowan County, NC
Picture 1: Left - Mookee, Right, Capuchine
Picture 2: Left - Possible tippler or something, Right - English Magpie
Picture 3: Another shot of the Magpie
Picture 4: From left to right - Possibly a tippler, Old German Owl, Magpie again
Picture 5: Same thing as picture 4
Picture 6: Mookee
Picture 7: Magpie above, probably a tippler below
Picture 8: Capuchine
Picture 9: Capuchine
Picture 10: Old German Owl
Picture 11: Old German Owl on left, Old Classic Frill on right (also called Satinette)
Picture 12: Capuchine
Picture 13: Old German Owl, Magpie, Satinette
Picture 14: Satinette, Old German Owl (I'll abbreviate it as OGO), Capuchine
Picture 15: Uh, well it appears the peahen scared the crap out of your Satinette and Capuchine LOL
Picture 16: Old German Owl. I see the Capuchine peeking out from behind the peahen
Picture 17: Old German Owl. I love your set up by the way. Using natural branches is awesome!
Picture 18: Possible tippler (there is a kind of tumbler that looks similar as well but the name is not coming to me right now), Magpie, Mookee
Picture 19: OGO, Satinette, Capuchine, Magpie
Picture 20: Same as 19
Picture 21: Satinette

Capuchines and Jacobins look a lot alike, except Jacobins have a hood so tall you can't see their face from the side. I accidentally typed Jacobin at least once before realizing it was actually a Capuchine (which was obvious, don't know what I was thinking haha). So If you catch the mistake in my list, you'll know I meant Capuchine.
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