pic's of my place

sunbury chick

11 Years
May 14, 2008
Your place is beautiful.We love vacationing in the Carolina's.You have it all, mountains,seashore,great weather....We have good weather up until around this time of the year.The cold front is moving in the middle part of this coming week....Oh darn! Thats Ohio for you....


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
mtns of ,NC.
Almost everyday when I go out to feed the hens and cats I am in awe of the beauty around here. Today I drove over to north Ga! I know some of you live over that way but I don't know where. We saw some beautifully laying land and valleys. The trees though are better here. I would like to know which ones of you live in N Ga.
I hear there is a hugh chicken auction down near commerce. I may go sometime just to look,HE!HE! Thats what I tell myself anyway.
I am afraid the bug has bitten. Another chicken addict. Sigh.
Yeh!! I have some Buff 's coming either tomorrow or the next day. I bet I will love the little butterballs. I sure do love the brahma hens zi have. Thanks for all the complements on my place.
My home is nestled behind all the trees and looks smaller than it really is. The garden on the other hand always seem large ,esp. when it is time to weed or can things like I like to do. Jean

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