"Pics" of my Polish at 5 weeks,need your opinion and experience!!!!

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    1. [​IMG] 2 [​IMG] 3 [​IMG] 4 [​IMG] Here are 2 of my 4 polish, my question is see the wattles on the pic i circled that means its a boy right ,so they are all the same age if this is not there is it a hen , I ask because the other 2 have a crest half the size of this girl but not as severe as the boy , but still kinda full and no wattles ,thanks for the help, It was hard enough to catch these 2 thats why no pics for otjer 2 i have to use my web cam for pics cus my camera wont work with my computer!
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    There is a site under Breeds for Polish Breeds. Some one there would most likely be able to answer you questions.

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