Pics of my turkeys, help with color and ??s


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Apparently I've only got one 'recent' picture of them. I assume they are lilacs, they were sold to me as slates, but they are not slate.
Here's the recent pic, they are about 5 1/2-6 months old in this.

They grow so fast, I can't believe just a few months ago they looked like this:



They are obviously not slates since they were not 'masked' as babies.

Here they are as tweens, about 2-3 months old.



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I can't see Lilac. Do you see red? I think they are self blue lavenders. It is a double dilute slate gene.

I see what you say about the mask as babies. Where they light red? I not seeing the color good on my monitor.
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2 of them were light red as babies, the other was just yellow. I've got a good pic of the tom displaying today, as soon as it loads I"ll post it.
Any ideas on the color of my turkeys? I assume it is lilac, but one of the hens looks like she might be slate. I don't really care, they are pretty no matter what they are. And they are alive, which is a big plus! I have had a hard time with turkeys, these guys have done very well

ETA: One of the hens has the buff-colored bars in her tail as well, I'm not sure about the other.

Sorry, another question. One of the 'hens' has a pretty big beard, is that normal? I don't know for sure that they are both hens, but they are all 3 the same age and these two are identical in size. They both have the 'hair' on their snoods, have the same body and snood size, and I've never seen the one that has a beard display. Plus I've only ever heard one gobble. But the 'bearded hen' also has the wrinkly things on the front of the neck (can't remember what those are called), the other doesn't have that. "She" is the one next to the tom in the very first (OP) pic.

Here's another pic of the 'bearded hen'. Hen or tom? Color?
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I am not going to guess as to the name of the colors. Nobody really agrees what a lilac turkey is anyway. Some say it is a two way cross and some say a three way cross. I breed alot of slate crosses. Slate is one of my favorite genes to play with. Here is a few of my babies from this year.

This hen has a red edging on all your feathers. The ones on her breast are hard to see but they are there.

I love this hen. Its hard to see her color because it is so light.

I will upload more later.
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I'm not sure what they are, but whatever color they are, they breed true. The man I got these from has some with the barred tails and some without, and hatches barred-tailed birds and non-barred tails. Usually the 'red' ones are the ones that get the red in their tails, that's how mine worked out anyway.

Any idea on my bearded hen?

ETA: Okay, I guess I'm confused on the beard. I'm talking about the big red wattle-looking thing on her neck, not a feather on her chest, whatever that's called
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It is not called a beard. That is the dewlap. The beard is the black hairy thing in the chest. Maybe the hen is not a hen or she is just developing faster than the others. This shows the parts of the head and neck and sexing.

is a picture of two of my young turkeys showing the dewlap. The one in the front is a tom and the one in back is a hen.


These turkeys where hatched out black based, one red and two blue. This is what they look like then and now.

This is the red one growing up.

This is the red one now.

This is one of the blue ones.

I like the dark color here.
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