Pics of our 2 day old Fuzz Ball!


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10 Years
May 23, 2009
Ponchatoula, LA
So we had a hatching yesterday. We did it the old fashion way; Broody hen (that just wouldn't shake the broodiness) several eggs from the group, never candled, never checked. We ended up with 3 little bundles of joy. Lost one this morning, not sure why. Here are pics of one of them, the other is camera shy and hangs under Mom. Mom could be a BuffC, BuffO, RIR, PR, EE and Dad is either a Black Cochin or a Silver Ameracauna. My thought is Black Cochin/RIR. The color of the legs and beak confuse me. Any thoughts are welcome. SO without further Ado, here is our new girl (I HOPE)!




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