Pics of our brooders (Pic heavy)

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    Mar 19, 2009
    Here is our brooders. Each brooder cost about $12-$14 each to make. 2 pieces of 4x8 OSB and a couple of 2x2's. 1 piece of OSB is cut in half to make 4 feet by 4 feet, the other OSB is cut into 4's being 2 feet by 4 feet each.

    This is the brooder the guineas are going into tomorrow.

    Can move the lid completely off if needed. There is 2x2s on the top of each side wall to keep the lid on.

    This is what it looks like from the top.

    This is the 2x2 that braces the wall and the floor, already had shavings in here so not the best picture.

    2x2 that braces the inside walls in each corner.

    These pics are the ones we have the chicks in now. The top can move easily if we need too.

    This is the 2 brooders side by side.


    We also lifted the brooders off the floor with some wood to keep them from getting too cold from the cement floor.
    The lid with the cutout works good now for attaching the heat lamps and when the chicks get older and start to fly out we will attach a piece of chicken wire to the top, by then the lights should be able to be up higher and can just sit on the chicken wire. Could also cutout the side walls and attach chicken wire but I decided for us it was best to keep it like it is to keep the heat in. This are not too heavy and we can stack them in the corner of the garage when not in use.
    Soon I will take pics of our chicken coop in the process of being built.

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    Those are great. I think I know what our next brooders will be now [​IMG]


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