Pics of our flock! *Pic heavy*

The Turken Lady

9 Years
Nov 26, 2010
Somewhere in Ocala,FL
Just thought I'd share a few pictures of my flock I took the other day.
Watch out though: Fluffeh alert!!!

Here is Amber. She is a black x Red turken.

This is Sebastian. He is a little pure black ameraucana chick.

Another Black ameraucana. Name suggestions?

Here is Pipus Jackson. Pure red turken.

Yoda,my favorite!! Daughter of Brodda (It ryhmes)

Ivy,purebred white ameraucana chick

Snap,The daughter of Pop and Pip (Deleware x Turken and Pure Red Turken)

Corvus: Hi!

A pair of Malays we got from a recent swap. The cockerel is a BBR and the pullet is a wheaten. Are they good from what you can see? (The cockerel named Crispin has red saddle feathers,yet you can't see them)

Crispin and his lady,who still needs a name-


Salt the Deleware-


Pumpkin (What color is he?)-

Diva the showgirl!!

Nightstar the Phoenix-

Percy after his first bath..

This is Saphira, a bantam black sumatra hen.

Ball,a buff turken. I plan to show her once she molts. Any ideas on how she looks?

Pip the handsome man

This is Twister,Yoda's sister and Ball's mother-

An Araucana. His name is Eragon.

We also brought my phoenixes to a recent show,here is the one that did the best.(Rigby the silver cockerel)-

I kinda over did it. Sorry. xP
I also have some un-named white/columbian rock,araucana and some more ameraucanas (Blacks,White and Splash)
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