Pics of our Girls and Boys playing outside

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  1. So yesterday we had a lovely, warm spring day here in Houston so we decided to let the girls and boys out to play. They are now all 6 weeks old, even the ducks, they all came from Ideal in early March.
    They have been outside before, but never "freerange" so this was a first and boy did they like it.
    This is the majority of them in a group, the golden one is our home grown, he ( we hope it is a she but don't think so [​IMG] .) is a Bo / Blue Cochin mix, and I think he will be a heartbreaker. He is only 5 weeks old.
    This is another one of our home grown, She is a EE/Barred Rock/ Blue Cochin mix, we named her Spring...her mama's name is Summer..fitting right? She is also 5 weeks old
    This is Spring again...standoff with the camera
    This is my 4 year old son Lukas and the only one of our popcorn stuffers we kept. We named him Elmer ( after the glue, he had a bad case of pasty butt.) He is the friendliest and most curious of any bird I have ever seen. We think he is a RIR, let me know if you think otherwise.
    Thsi is our three Runner Ducks, Lilly, Tulip and Petunia. They are so funny and they do not like the chicks. The hiss at them and all. To think that they Are only 6 weeks as well...they grow too fast.

    All in all they had a huge day out, tomorrow will be a new day and more adventures.

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  2. baldie

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    Sep 25, 2008
    Douglas, MA
    Awww, they are adorable!!! I love pics!! Thanks for sharing!! [​IMG]
  3. KrisRose

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    Mar 9, 2007
    Davison, MI.
    Pretty chicks, cute kid. I luv to watch the babies on there first day out.
  4. red rosecomb

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    Sep 28, 2008
    Pretoria- South Africa
    I absolutly love your chickens!! [​IMG]

    I was thinking about getting ducks but my mom said they're fiesty little things and I hear such bad stories about them from other people. How is it like to own ducks, honestly? They look sooo funny and cute [​IMG]

    Cute kid by the way
  5. sonew123

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    onchiota NY
    Elmer is an RIR Roo! how sweet-the only time I see a chicken near my shoulder is when my roo is out for a boxing match with me![​IMG]
  6. Eggs-Actly

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    Jul 22, 2008
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    :weeeVery cute:D
    I'm hoping to put our girls out tomorrow. But if I get off work early enough I may even do it this afternoon. [​IMG]
    They've been in the coop since Sunday morning and it's rained the last two days so they should be good and ready to see their run for the first time.
  7. JenMT

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    The "standoff with the camera" shot is hilarious! They all look really healthy and happy....good for you!

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  9. jrleader99

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    Very nice pics of your chicks and ducks. I also believe that Elmer is a RIR roo. It has been raining way too much here in NJ and my chicks don't like it. They want to be outside scratching and picking through the grass.

    The ducks look great. I have 8 and they are about 3 weeks old and starting to get their tail feathers. My wife and kids love to watch the ducklings run around. They are so smart too.
  10. Thanks all for the niceties.
    I do love bringing them out of that brooder, they need to explore and enjoy, I am going to let them out again here in a bit.

    Red rosecomb, I have to be honest...the ducks are awesome, but definitely more work. I might be giving myself more work than needed, but I am a clean freak and want them to be clean as well. Well ducks loves to be dirty, muddy and such, and I am having to come to terms with that. They are a lot of fun, but not near as friendly as some of my chickens are.


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