Pics of Steven at Ft. Jackson (Pic - Heavy!!!)


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Dec 25, 2007
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Well this is it, tomorrow at 4pm my son goes to the hotel in El Paso and then Tuesday morning he leaves for Ft. Jackson, SC for basic training. I know he'll be home in mid-August for his senior year of high school, but I already miss him so much. Tonight will be the last time for almost 11 weeks that I will go to bed with my 17yr. old son here, that has not happened many times over the years, he's always here. He's going to come back more mature, a little more adult, with some good experiences and some bad.
Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers for me, I want him to succeed so badly and I'm so afraid he won't make it this first try, he's so young. If he doesn't make it he gets to try again since he's still in high school, and it won't really count against him, but I just don't want him to fail, it would just tear him apart. I can't even mention it to him because I don't want him to think that I don't believe in him, I do, he's just my baby for a little while longer.

8:58pm Flew out of El Paso at 12:45pm, got to Atlanta, left Atlanta on a bus at 5MST just got to Ft. Jackson at 8:58.

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oh yeah...I remember clearly 22 years and 1 month ago that I took my 17 year old son to Jacksonville Florida and gave him to the Army...I still miss him every day...he has been in Europe for the past 4 years...coming him on the 20th of this month and the celebration will will be in my ain't easy...
oh boy, i send my blessings..............(from a mom who knows 'those' tears of letting go)... Bless you and him for being willing to serve our country. It's the toughest thing i ever went through, and yet the proudest as well. It gave us all memories, that are filled with emotion, even now, when we talk of that "last night" at home, watching him walk away, and assorted other 'military' experiences... Powerful stuff!!! sending prayers, and comfort... from a family, and chicken loven mom

I've never sent a son into the military, but I've sent a two away to college, and one to live with his father at 18. Many tears went with those moments. It takes years to guide them into the lovely adults they become. They get so capable, and just about the time we know they don't really need us anymore, we watch them go off into their lives, and it leaves a big hole in us. So, many
sent your way tonight.
He'll make it through. You'll be surprised at how many letters you will get. Basic is a tough experience. It's a team effort though. He will gain a lot of confidence. Especially at that age. Basic is geared to 17 and 18 year olds. He'll be just fine.
Good thoughts coming your way!

I understand a little, I sent a daughter into the military, it was quite lonely around here with just myself and youngest girl.
I left for basic training on June 2, 1981 on my Grandma's birthday. He's leaving on his Grandparents anniversary and his dad's birthday. I went to San Antonio, TX, he's going to Ft. Jackson, SC,, so expect to see me in SC in August!
.. From what I have seen, you have raised a great son, and no matter what, just going, and trying makes him a hero in my eyes.
You'll miss him, but you always have us.. Ok, not a great substitute..
11 weeks sounds long right now, but think of the celebratin and joy when he comes home, not the sadness of him being gone!

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