pics of the BBS Orps, Golden Sebrights, and 1 silkie chick


10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Rayne Louisiana
I got these eggs from Hippichick...wanted to share the pics of this wonderful brood.

One in this pic has a curled up doesn't walk on there anything I can do to help it?

Awww how cute!!!!!!!! I saw where you had posted and had to come be nosy and check out your chickies. Sorry I cannot help with the curled foot. I have never had that problem before.

Awww, they're adorable!

Some people make a little shoe out of cardboard or plastic and tape the foot to it in the correct position to get it to hold shape. You have to do it young if you want to correct it before the bones set.
So glad you got a few to hatch, Mary. What'd you get? Looks like 4 Orps, 2 Sebrights, and 1 itty bitty Silkie? The foot thing, you could make the "shoe" like Jody suggested, and see if that works. Congrats, by the way!
Hey Paula, I got 2 Blue Orps and 3 Black Orps. Yes the silkie is smaller than the sebrights...but still the cutest lil thing! Thanks!

Jody, is there a link somewhere so that I can see what you are talking about for the shoe? DH is trying to tape it with a bandaid cut in half like you'd do with splay leg. Thanks for the suggestion!

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