Pics of the INSIDE of large coops/chicken rooms please!

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    We are trying to get our chicken room finished, and hubby wants pics for examples. Of course, my desciptions arent good enough...grrr...I have been trying to get some examples from the archived pics, but there are so many and so many just show the outside or the construction. I'd really love some pics of the inside of some LARGE coop areas. Our room in the barn is 14x 40 so we have a lot of space to work with. He wants to see thngs like placement of roosts and nest boxes, and I'd love to see some where it isnt all wood. The plastic nest boxes, buckets etc. I want to use those and he wants to build wooden everythign. Plastic seems much easier to clean and more sanitary.

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    Mine is not super large, but the whole shed is about 10x16. The chicken coop itself is 6x10 and the storage room is about 5x10. The other side is for the goats.

    This is what it previously looked like. There were two sets of roosting bars on the far wall above the pop door.

    This is after is got renovated a little bit. We moved the roost above the nesting boxes and created a poop board. We then put sand on the board for easy pickup.

    I just went out and took this. I went and painted the walls white to brighten it up, and made the nesting boxes purple to darken them. I added soem green accent too. We replaced the sand with shavings, and it seems to be much easier to clean for us. The broodys and their babies like to sit up there during the day.

    This shows where the old roosts were. You can see the 2x4 on the wall that was the base for one.
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    I used wood and have galvanized nest boxes so I don't think it's what you're thinking of. I thought of using plastic too, but then thought it might be to slippery for the chickens...I don't know if it would be, but it was just a thought. I used wood, 1x3's and 1x4's mostly for the roosts. Mine is only 8x10, we coverted an old shed. The chickens seem happy enough. [​IMG] They do get to free range during the day, and like to vary their hang outs, to include the barn, yard and back porch.

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    This is super helpful as we are wrapping up our coop too, and my husband has said "tell me what you want and where." So, I am figuring it out, and just bookmarked this page. Thanks!

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