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    Earlier his right foot was curled and I made a boot for it with a piece of thin cardboard taped to it. It stayed on about 2 hours before he knocked if off. duh

    Anyway, the toes seem to be in alignment now but he is still not standing or walking. He did a few minutes ago try and take about 2 steps but just sits back down. I have him on a towel and separated from the others.

    Should I leave him alone and see what happens tomorrow. He hatched sometime between 1:00 am and 7:00 am this morning.

    I read in another thread where he might be too heavy to support himself after absorbing the yolk. He is pretty tiny.

    Any suggestions?


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    The chick in my avatar was just like that! He got a little stronger and was good as new after a day or two. Just make sure he eats and drinks, and he should be fine! Give his a little sugar water to get him going! Good luck![​IMG]
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    I had a chick who was normal and then at about 3-4 weeks became like that -- wobbled all over, could not stand, curled toes and flopped about. I was sure she was a gonner.

    After I bit of research, I read it could be a riboflavin deficiency that some chicks develop. That is why the poultry book suggests bird vitamins for ALL chicks.

    I went to Petsmart and got some VitaFlight and within 48 hours she was normal. She is a big, beautiful laying hen now. Try it. Couldn't hurt might help.
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    I agree with SharonX, a lot of chicks need vitamins. Baby vitamins can be used too (no extra iron). I'd get all of them on the same solution asap, and please let us know how this baby manages.

    ps- curled toes, spraddle and wry neck often express as vitamin deficiencies.
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    Hey you were me a week ago!

    They are right, vitamins, electrolytes, and a warm spot inside so you can baby your chickie.... here is a pict of mine w week and 1/2 ago.
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  7. California Ducken

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    And the one that is still wobbly.

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